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Group Facilitation

Let's build a Communications, Marketing or Revenue Growth strategic plan supported by members or staff of your organization. Our facilitation process encourages interaction and idea-sharing where participants are the brain trusts and we develop together.

Communications | Marketing | Membership | Sales

Embed leadership to provide an ongoing strategic focus on growth, retention, and revenue. Temporary or long-term help to keep the ball rolling when you have a gap in staffing or skills. 

Coaches and Consultants can work with Amy in The Joy Fueled Business Growth Program

Strategy and Implementation 

Let us develop a customized strategy that speaks to your current and future audiences to increase engagement, investment, and awareness. We will conduct a Discovery Assessment of your current efforts, Build Solutions to ease your pain points, and Implement Solutions into your organization’s day-to-day.

Project Engagement

Feel like one department or project is missing the mark? We will work to improve your organization’s weaknesses in communications, marketing or revenue growth to meet your organization's needs.

A la carte

Communications and Marketing
Social media strategy (organic)
Website (updates, new, refresh)
E-newsletters and marketing
Marketing automation
Video or podcasting
Digital ad development and design
Event, program, or product promotion
Communications calendar creation

Sponsorship & Membership

Package or tiered dues structure
Collateral and promotional strategy

Prospecting process and approach

Persona and engagement scoring

Online community management Database improvement

SME or Content Expert Production

Production for Podcasts, written, audio, or video
Packaging for public channels

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